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Volunteer Services
We Need Volunteers
Volunteers are critical to the success of Head Start. The participation of volunteers has been an effective way of mobilizing community resources to strengthen Head Start Services. Volunteer services generates In-Kind for the agency. In-Kind is also known as the non-federal share. It is the donations of time, supplies, and services the program needs in order to keep federal funding. Performance Standards require that the agency works in collaboration with parents, community partnerships, and volunteers to assist the program in matching the required 20% of the grant funds through donated time, services, supplies, and financial contributions.

Volunteers provide a wide range of services and support to the Head Start and Early Head Start children and their families. Volunteers can be professionals and nonprofessionals, parents, local residents, and members of the larger community, board members and those who serve on policy and advisory groups, those who work in classrooms, offices, or kitchens, and those who provide necessary health education, medical and dental examinations, and other health services. Head Start volunteers can assist with classroom activities, upkeep and renovation of centers, playground supervision, parent education, and other similar tasks. 
Head Start volunteers may choose to give a few hours of time, or may volunteer every week.
For more information and volunteer call (631) 758-5200 extension 0129 or email Ana Figueroa, Policy Council & Volunteer Supervisor at afigueroa@liheadstart.org.


We Need Your Help

Long Island Head Start is dedicated to helping at-risk and vulnerable children and families living in Suffolk County. There are over 5000 children living in Suffolk County between the ages of 3-5 who live at poverty level or below. We know firsthand the impact poverty has on children; growing up poor is detrimental to cognitive, physical and social/emotional development.
As you know, the Federal Government funds Head Start. However, you may not know that as a condition for receiving federal funding, Head Start programs must raise 20-percent of each year’s grant in contributions from the community. All funds raised go towards enhancing the comprehensive programs we currently have in place to insure that children enter kindergarten with the skills necessary to succeed.
With your support, we can make an impact on the future of the children and families on Long Island. To make a donation please contact us at (631) 758-5200 X0122.